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The Company

Since the very beginning of the company in 1997 there has been a threefold company ethos that has underpinned the proven track record – Integrity, Passion and Success. These values remain at the very heart of all that we do, and who we are as people.

It is our immoveable stance on integrity that both attracts new clients and retains our long-standing, loyal clients.

The company was born out of the desire to deliver exactly what clients want – quality, value for money and unrivalled service.

Success isn't a right, it is earned! Our philosophy of openness, honesty, hard work and close client relationships has earned our reputation for success.

  • Vision statement

    Our vision is to achieve an optimum sized, North West based marketing agency, delivering the very best in what we do, in a highly responsive manner. We aim to creating a high degree of success for our clients, whilst preserving our core values of Integrity and Passion. We aim to operate the business on a principle of function over position – rewarding the staff appropriately and making the company an enjoyable place to work.

    We will help our clients to achieve their optimum size/profitability through responsive, effective, ongoing strategic marketing, through a combination of core in-house services and proven strategic partners. 

    • Seek out and nurture the right clients that meet our own high ethical standards
    • Provide a high level of proven marketing experience – via open knowledge transfer
    • Provide professional, honest marketing advice to our clients from the heart. Base decisions on the principle 'what would I do/how would I spend the marketing budget?' – if I owned the company
    • Source and cultivate strong strategic alliances within the marketing industry, that share common goals of being the best at what they do – with honesty and integrity at the core of their business ethos
  • Mission statement

    David Antrobus Marketing provides an honest and open approach to full service marketing. Developing strong relationships with our clients – which helps to facilitate a long term, ongoing supportive relationship. 

    Working in partnership with our clients to create a compelling reason why the market place would desire a companies products or services. This is achieved by a combination of core in-house services and proven strategic alliances with like minded businesses.

    Throughout every aspect of David Antrobus Marketing, there is a fundamental philosophy of operating in a highly responsive and proactive manner. Striving for perfection at every opportunity ­whilst embracing the understanding that perfection is a journey, not a destination.

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Broad Industry sectors

David Antrobus Marketing has a proven track record of taking companies forward within many business-to-business sectors, including the more scientific and technical sectors.

Our senior marketing consultants, with first-hand experience of working within these sectors, fully understand the challenges of communicating often complex messages into concise, value focused campaigns.

Embracing a blend of traditional, digital and multimedia marketing communication channels, David Antrobus Marketing is on hand to assist in both the development and refinement of a company’s brand identity, and in addition, the creation and implementation of effective integrated marketing campaigns. This carefully planned activity consistently and successfully promotes a company’s products, technologies and services.

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Since the foundation of the company, David Antrobus Marketing has shared a mutual concern for those less privileged, and is committed to supporting people in need within society.

In response to this concern David Antrobus Marketing shares a percentage of its profits with many well-known and proven charities.

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