A great brand

Many people see a brand as just a logo, a visual icon of a product or company. In reality, it is a great deal more!

It is as powerful as a legal tender. It has a promise and can purchase a huge market share if implemented correctly.

The process is more complex than many understand – expert advice is critical to ensure your brand delivers.



The crucial elements of a powerful Brand: -

Brand Idea – From the early brand concept ideas, remember your brand should positively influence people’s perception and decisions

Brand Visual – Your brand must be memorable and relevant to your company/product/service/and target audience

Brand Structure – Your brand must be identifiable, balanced, consistent in colour, position, presentation and orientation

Brand Voice – What does your brand say about you? It makes a promise about your products/your services/your company ethos

Brand Delivery – Just like all deliveries, your brand promise has to be delivered in the right way, to the right place, at the right time

Brand Communication – Correct and consistent communication of your brand, including its values and emotions, is essential

Brand Exposure – Your brand needs to be strong, consistent, and regularly seen and endorsed by your target audience

Brand Positioning – Decide where do you want your brand to be positioned, then execute a decisive plan to achieve that

Brand Perception – Decide what you want your target audience to feel about your brand, then create and maintain that perception

Brand Management – Your brand needs to be managed constantly, or it will be progressively diluted or misrepresented

Brand Measurement – This reveals when your brand is working well, or whether it needs to be refined/updated

Brand Value – This continually increases, providing your brand is built, communicated, maintained and managed correctly

Brand Strategy – A clearly defined brand strategy will deliver that all important ‘return on investment’

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