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18 Jul 2018
Courage changes everything
We all face challenges at some time in our lives, whether personal or in business. However, what we can control is the way that we deal with them. Courage is the vital ingredient if we are to face up to these challenges and overcome them.
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21 Jun 2018
It’s not just about what we do, but how we do it!
Most business contacts, whether clients or suppliers will know what we do, but not all will know how we do it. What are we like as a company? How do we operate? What are our values?
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11 Apr 2018
Effective networking
What is a well-constructed network of business associates? I’m sure that we have all noticed this strange phenomenon of ‘networking’ that has been rapidly expanding, particularly over the past 10 years or so.
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14 Mar 2018
Gut instinct
We hear the expression ‘gut instinct’ often, but we don’t always stop and consider the depth of this expression.
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26 Feb 2018
Do you remember the old advert "It's good to talk"?
In todays digital age it's all too easy to opt for an email or a text as the first option. Don't forget "people buy from people", and talking builds relationships.
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10 Jan 2018
A new year celebration
David Antrobus Marketing is proudly celebrating 20 years in business.
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