This quickly changing world creates many challenges for business, not least, the uncertainty that’s created by Brexit, trading agreements, financial markets and impending political changes. All these variables combine to leave many businesses bewildered and unclear about planning the way forward, particularly when planning growth through a revised marketing strategy.

The ‘management of change’ is a critical ethos if businesses are to both survive and grow in this quickly changing world.

‘Change is the only constant’ – and we must constantly change to stay ahead of the game.

Business leaders need to be innovative in their thinking – ‘Innovation drives change – change drives progress’.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

A good business leader will embrace innovation and will both deliver and manage change.

It is surprising to see how many businesses continue on the same fixed path and haven’t reviewed the direction of their business or their marketing strategy for many years, despite the rapidly changing circumstances around us.

Experience shows that it is the companies that are the most innovative, and open to the implementation and management of change that are the most equipped to continue to grow in a rapidly changing world.

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